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LCIF.ORG | A letter from your chairperson
Dear Lion,
As we begin a new calendar year, we see a new light of hope. A fresh new year to start with a clean slate, a blank canvas. A story waiting to be written. As a Lion, your opportunities to make this year count are endless. And while the last year delivered us challenges, it also delivered us incredibly innovative and creative ways to connect. There are more ways to serve now than ever before. Begin your journey today!
In friendship,
Gudrun Yngvadottir, Chairperson
Lions Clubs International Foundation
Volunteers at a Special Olympics Lions Clubs International Foundation Opening Eye event test the vision of a Special Olympics athlete.
LCIF and Special Olympics Serve Special Olympics Athletes Together

Globally, 35 percent of Special Olympics athletes need new prescription glasses and 23 percent have never had an eye exam.


District and Club Community Impact Grant (DCG)
In just over two years, more than 1,000 DCGs—totaling US$3.9 million dollars—have been used by Lions like you to make a significant impact in their communities. And since eligibility is based on contributions to LCIF, your club may already be eligible to apply for a DCG.
Lion Dr. Sebabi with one of his patients.
“My dream is being fulfilled”

I am Dr. Francis Onen Sebabi, a beneficiary of a LCIF’s SightFirst grant. I want to share my story of how the support from LCIF and Lions changed my life.


Join! Foundation Fridays: Battling Childhood Cancer and Protecting Vision
Join the next Foundation Fridays webinar February 5! Learn more about how LCIF is supporting Lions as they improve care for children battling cancer, as well as protect precious sight.
Lions deliver relief supplies to a flood victim in Kerala, India.
Pledge a Donation, Deliver Comfort and Hope

When you support our Foundation, somewhere in the world, someone is receiving the gift of your generosity in the form of something they desperately need. Pledge a donation, deliver life-sustaining supplies, shelter, renewed vision, education—the list goes on.


Campaign 100: LCIF Empowering Service

Our world is in need, and caring Lions, supported by our global foundation, are changing it for the better. Learn more about the power of Campaign 100 to support Lions as they transform the lives of friends, families, and community members, and then help create the change we want to see in the world.

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