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Campaign 100 Chairperson and Vice Chairperson
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From Past International President and Campaign 100 Chairperson Dr. Jitsuhiro Yamada
With great strength, you persevered through a most challenging year. Please join me in embracing 2021 with optimism and as an opportunity to energize the campaign efforts I am grateful you lead. Lions will feel your enthusiasm and join in growing campaign fundraising, now US$187,903,829. Thank you for always sharing information and resources found in this brief newsletter, prepared exclusively for campaign leaders every two months.
Now, you can access all Model Club resources from a single web page.
Model Club Resources Web Page NEW

Help your home club become a Campaign 100 Model Club or achieve higher Model Club status (and earn even more recognition!). From our November newsletter and Foundation Fridays webinar, you learned about our new Model Club video. Take advantage of this new resource and so many other Model Club materials, now accessible through a single web page!


Explore LCIF’s Grants Toolkit, your gateway to grant opportunities and resources for successfully applying for and managing grants.
LCIF Grants Toolkit NEW

Take advantage of funds you helped raise by leading Campaign 100. Explore LCIF’s new online Grants Toolkit, which provides direct access to grant opportunity information and resources for successfully applying for and managing grants.


Explore LCIF’s Grants Toolkit, your gateway to grant opportunities and resources for successfully applying for and managing grants.
Safe and Fun Fundraising!

Facing campaign fundraising challenges like you during the pandemic, Past Council Chair Lou Onley got creative to ensure Australia Lions continue supporting LCIF, grants from which accelerated recovering from COVID-19 and bushfire challenges. View an archived, and always free, Foundation Fridays webinar to learn about PCC Lou’s and others’ unique fundraising events while staying safe.


Gather your club virtually to watch free monthly webinars, which help members learn more about LCIF and Campaign 100.
Free LCIF Webinars

LCIF Chairperson Gudrun Yngvadottir continues to lead LCIF’s free monthly Foundation Fridays webinars, like the one you just read about above. Consider inviting your club to a virtual online watch party each month, then discuss how to take advantage of knowledge gained. Be sure your campaign leadership includes sharing archives of these one-hour webinars and news of upcoming events.


Facebook fundraisers are an easy way to raise awareness of Lions and funds for Campaign 100.
Leveraging the Reach of Facebook

Facebook fundraisers are easy ways Lions and non-Lions can support LCIF. Created in just three steps, these online fundraisers increase awareness of Lions, LCIF, and Campaign 100 while receiving donations. Connect with your club about this opportunity to support our campaign, service, and world in need through social media. Set a goal of having a certain percentage of club members create Facebook fundraisers. Every dollar helps.


Your gift to Campaign 100 creates lasting opportunity. Thank you for your support.
The Year of Opportunity

Thank you for magnifying the power of Lions service through a personal (or treasury) gift to Campaign 100. Magnify that power even more by calling or emailing fellow club members and asking them to give too. It will feel good to connect, ensure grant funding for our important work, and position 2021 as the year of opportunity.


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