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International President Dr. Patti Hill

President's Message

Changing the World with
International President
Dr. Patti Hill

Dear Lion,

When you give someone a drink of water, you can quench their thirst for a day. But by building a clean water system, you change their lives—and their community—for good. That is the kind of big, sustainable impact that our greatest partner, Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF), helps us make every single day.

Our foundation gives us the support we need to expand our service and support our growing membership. But just like every great partnership, that support works both ways. We support LCIF and LCIF supports us. So, let’s keep serving, and let’s keep supporting great service at home and around the world with LCIF.

Yours in service,

Dr. Patti Hill
International President

Lions work together

Working Together for the Greatest Good

LCIF has magnified the service of Lions and Leos around the world for more than 50 years with your support. Watch a special video message from President Hill about how your support is a critical part of our collective impact and helps us make an even bigger difference every day.

With more than US$39.2 million in service grants awarded last year, and over US$1 billion awarded since 1968, LCIF is Bringing Possibilities to Life and empowering Lions and Leos to change the world.

Get Involved with Your Foundation

Your service is changing people’s lives, and by supporting your foundation, you can make an even bigger impact every day. Here are three great ways to get involved with your global foundation.

  • Apply for a Grant – Visit the LCIF Grants Toolkit page to learn how your club can get even more done in your community with the right grant.

  • Share Our Story – Celebrate the incredible work we’re doing around the world by sharing our Stories of Pride and stories from the Lions Blog on social media using the hashtags #LCIFLions and #WeServe.

  • Make a Donation – Discover the many Ways to Give that help support our service around the world—and in the community outside your door.

Let’s keep supporting our foundation because together we can change the world one community at a time—starting with yours.

Peace Poster Contest

Peace Poster Contest

Get your community and its young people engaged by giving them the opportunity to get creative. For more than 30 years, Lions clubs have been inviting young people to become our partners in peace and inspire the world through our International Peace Poster Contest.

Learn how your club can sponsor the Peace Poster Contest through a local school or youth group. Peace Poster Contest kits for 2023-2024 will only be available through October 1, 2023, so purchase your contest kit and start planning today.

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