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LCIF Chairperson Douglas X. Alexander
From LCIF Chairperson Douglas X. Alexander
Greetings Lions and Leos!
As you continue helping the world in times of great need, remember that Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) is here to support you in serving your communities. LCIF awards grant funding that empowers us to make the greatest impact, both locally and globally. In reading this month’s newsletter, I know you will feel inspired and motivated to serve by both doing AND giving. Thank you for joining us as we build on the success of Campaign 100 by continuing to support LCIF through a donation or pledge and by spreading awareness of the great things made possible through our global foundation. As the needs of the world continue to grow, LCIF remains committed to helping us take our service even further.
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Lions Always Answer

Together, we made history through Campaign 100. Even as we celebrate our tremendous success, the calls to serve a world in need continue to grow. Through your support, LCIF empowers Lions and Leos to always answer.


Celebrating 20 years of Sight For Kids
Celebrating 20 Years of Sight For Kids

Co-founded in 2002 by LCIF and Johnson & Johnson Vision, Sight For Kids is the largest-known, school-based eye health program that aims to equip low-income and underserved communities with tools critical to providing all children with equal access to quality eye healthcare.


Childhood Cancer grant video
Wishing Big for Childhood Cancer Patients

Thanks to the care his daughter Finley received at the St. Jude Affiliate Clinic in Peoria, Illinois, USA, District Governor Tony Holland wanted to give back to the hospital. That’s why he turned to LCIF. Watch a video highlighting how a grant from LCIF made a difference for more than 5,000 kids and their families.


Calling All Leos
Share how you are making a bigger impact in your communities, while being exposed to valuable leadership and life skills from Lions and your foundation, LCIF. Your peers are waiting to hear your LCIF story of pride filled with inspiration, impact and kindness.
Make a pledge to support LCIF
Pledge Your Continued Support For LCIF

Continue sustaining our mission and helping LCIF empower Lions to magnify hope globally. Encourage others to join you in pledging support for LCIF.

Thank You Donors!
Your continued support of LCIF inspires others to give and enables our global foundation to award life- changing grants. With 100% of donations benefitting grants and programs, every donation to LCIF brings hope to a world in need.
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