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IP Douglas X. Alexander
Service from the heart with
International President,
Douglas X. Alexander
Dear Lion,
Service is more than something we do. It’s who we are. And this year, I have been astounded by the service and the heart you have given to your communities. Through the countless challenges we have faced, you have brought the triumph of hope to millions in need.
I am so proud to have been a part of this extraordinary year of courage, kindness and generosity. Our service has reached beyond borders and touched the world. As we move forward, I want you to remember the unlimited possibilities that come from serving from the heart.
Thank you for being the steadfast heartbeat of this great association, and the goodness that sustains our world. It has been my greatest joy and the honor of my life to serve you.
Yours in service,
Douglas X. Alexander
International President
Giving Greater Service in Our Greatest Time of Need
In times of natural disaster, Lions are often the first to arrive—and the last to leave. No one knows that better than the Mayfield Lions of Kentucky whose community was devastated by the deadliest tornado in state history.
Watch “LCIF: Providing Relief After Tornado Disaster in Kentucky” to see how the Mayfield Lions are working to comfort and restore their community with the help of Lions across the United States and the support of LCIF.
Remember, every gift you give to LCIF goes toward supporting service like this in your community and around the world. We are more than 95% of the way toward achieving our Campaign 100 goal. Help us make history and make a donation today!
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So come together with us in Montréal—from wherever you are—and celebrate our service around the world. Subscribe to LCICon 2022 Virtual Access today.

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