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IP Douglas X. Alexander
Service from the heart with
International President,
Douglas X. Alexander
Dear Lion,
The greatest impact of your service goes far beyond what can be seen today. Your kindness is inspiring and influencing the hearts and minds of those who will continue the work you began. And by creating the right opportunities for Leos and young people in your community, you ensure that the leaders of tomorrow are getting started today.
Leos bring enthusiasm and energy to every project they serve. And that’s great news for your club. So get your Leos involved and give them the benefit of your skills and experience. Though the challenges they face in the future may be different, kindness never changes. And neither does the heart of service. So let’s give them the support they need to be ready for the work ahead.
Yours in service,
Douglas X. Alexander
International President
Leo Club Resources
The next great generation of Lions is already serving today. Watch a special video message from President Alexander about how you can help your Leos lead the way. And here are more great ways to give them the help they need to succeed:
  • Report your Leos – Ensure that your Leos are recognized for their service, and have access to information and resources to get more done. Reporting Leos will also simplify their transition to Leo-Lions.
  • Start a Leo club – Sponsoring a Leo club gives you the opportunity to mentor, empower and foster a commitment to community service in the hearts of the young people.
  • Leo-Lions – Learn how to strengthen your club by transitioning your Leos to Leo-Lions. And get resources to welcome young members on the Young Lions page.
Together we’re building a better future for our communities and a stronger Lions family.
Invest in Our Future with Campaign 100 and Leo Clubs
When we invest in helping Leos make a difference today, we’re investing in a better future for our communities. Your support of Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) gives our Leo clubs the opportunity to lead important service projects right now, in the causes that matter most.
Encourage your Leos to apply for LCIF Leo Service Grants and give them the opportunity to make a bigger impact in your community. Also, encourage them to make a bigger impact around the world by donating to LCIF where they can be recognized for their generous contributions through the Leo Lions Share program.
We are more than 95% of the way toward reaching our Campaign 100 goal. Make a donation today to help us make history and magnify the service of Lions and Leos around the world. And if you haven’t already, find out what it takes to help your club become a Model Club and make an investment in the future of our service.
Celebrate Service at LCICon 2022
Join Lions and Leos from around the world as we come together in Montréal for the 104th Lions Clubs International Convention. Canada is getting ready for Lions, so let’s show them how we celebrate our service and each other. Come and enjoy world-class entertainment and speakers, and help us make history with the conclusion of Campaign 100.
Visit LCICon Montréal 2022 to learn more about all the incredible events we have planned for you.

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