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IP Dr. Jung-Yul Choi
United in Kindness and Diversity
with International President,
Dr. Jung-Yul Choi
Dear District Governor,
The kindness of one Lion can change a life. But the kindness of all Lions will change the world. Great teamwork leads to even greater success, and your leadership is the key to unlocking your team’s greatest potential
Your leadership team’s diversity of knowledge, experience and ideas is your greatest resource for uniting the Lions of your district around your priorities. Your team can keep you connected with the changing needs of your Lions as you focus on strengthening your clubs and ensuring that your district has the resources it needs to stay engaged and continue serving safely. And you can empower your team to accomplish even more through leadership development grants and ongoing training opportunities through the Lions Learning Center.
As Lions, we can accomplish so much on our own. But together, when we are United in Kindness and Diversity, we can accomplish so much more.
Dr. Jung-Yul Choi
International President
Strengthen Your Team with Leadership Development
Great teamwork begins with great team members. And our leadership development resources can help equip your team with the knowledge and confidence to strengthen service and membership in your district.
  • Learn. Lead. Grow. 
    Access training resources to help your team Learn. Lead. Grow. to their full potential. With specialized tools for every level like the Zone and Region Chairperson e-book, you can prepare your team for greater success.
  • Emerging Lions Leadership Institute (ELLI) or Regional Lions Leadership Institute (RLLI)
    Direct your multiple district GAT-GLT to organize and host RLLIs or ELLIs to prepare and train future leaders.
  • Advanced Lions Leadership Institute (ALLI)
    Encourage your leaders who are ready for zone-, region- or district-level leadership to attend an ALLI. Visit the ALLI page to learn about the institute and when it’s happening.
Presidential Awards Initiatives
You depend on your team to strengthen membership and service potential in your district. This year, you can honor their hard work and dedication with official recognition from President Jung-Yul Choi.
  • LCI President’s Circle
    Lions can earn a Leadership or Presidential Medal by chartering new clubs, including specialty clubs, within your district.
  • Specialty Club Program Coordinator Recognition
    Lions can earn a certificate of appreciation, a plaque and even an International President’s Certificate of Appreciation.
Let’s show the world how much we can accomplish when we are United in Kindness and Diversity. For more information, visit your Awards Website.
September Updates
  • Enhance your leadership with training through the Lions Learning Center. You can access courses such as "Team Motivation" to help you make sure you're giving your team all the support they need to succeed.
  • Schedule time with your first vice district governor and leadership team to review your district’s progress. Your feedback and support ensures that your team has what it needs to strengthen membership and service your district.
  • Diversify your service and strengthen your membership with specialty clubs. Invite your Lions to apply as Specialty Clubs Program Coordinators and empower them to help you achieve your priorities.
  • Encourage your clubs to appoint any remaining GAT positions to maximize collaboration and ensure that they receive the important updates they need.

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