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A message from:

Jerome Thompson

Past International Director,
GAT Constitutional Area 1 Leader

Thank you for leading your club. 2020 has provided many challenges. However, Lions are finding ways to continue to serve the community, engage volunteers and provide leadership opportunities to all members.
A few Lions have inquired as to why they have received this email. First you are a valued Lions Club leader, who deserves to be kept informed. Second, as the Global Action Team Leader for Constitutional Area 1, (USA and Affiliate Countries), I believe that if we communicate the needs of our association to Club leaders, we will begin to find success. Our association is as strong as our weakest club. Hence, it is the role of the Global Action team to support clubs, zones, and districts with tools and resources.
Who is the Global Action Team?
Your global action team consist of on Constitutional Area Leader, 14 Area Leaders, Your Multiple District Global Service, Membership and Leadership Chairs, your District Global Service, Membership and Leadership Chairs, and your Region and Zone Chairs. We have Lions at every level of our association ready to assist clubs, Zones and Districts in their pursuit of service, membership, and leadership development.
What does the Global Action Team do?
We serve at the pleasure of our International Executive officers, who have empowered us to:
  1. Assist Districts, Zone and Clubs in reaching their goals.

  2. Facilitate Communication with Lions Clubs international Staff

  3. Promote and share best practices

  4. Encourage the empowerment of Zone Chairs

  5. Assist Districts in implementing the North America Membership Initiative process.

2020 - 21 Goals of CA 1
  • New Clubs - 200 (20 chartered in July and August)

  • New Members into existing Clubs - 44,000 (4,081 have been added YTD)

  • Retention of existing members - Drop less than 43,000 (5,403 have been dropped YTD)

  • Service - Impact 25,000,000 lives (YTD we have impacted 2.9 million)

  • Service Reporting - Goal 75% of clubs report at least one service project (YTD 21% have reported at least one service activity)

The data reveals that we have survived the first 16.67% of the year and reached approximately 10% of our goals. Hence, we have a little catching up to do.

Tools to Help Clubs Be part of the success
  1. Your Global Action Team is available to help.

  2. New Members

  3. Retention of Members

  4. Reporting of Service

  5. Leadership Development

I wish you well. Our team is here to assist your club in its pursuit of excellence.
H. Jerome Thompson
PID Jerome Thompson, Global Action Team - CA 1 Leader

This email was sent to the following titles: club presidents, club first vice presidents, club secretaries, club treasurers, club membership chairpersons, club service chairpersons, club marketing communication chairpersons. A copy of the email was sent to district governors and zone chairpersons.

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