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Dear Club Officer,

Starting on June 30, 2018, dues credits for membership drops will not be issued after the release of the semi-annual billings on July 1 and January 1.

In the past, Lions Clubs International has given clubs a grace period in January and July to adjust their club rosters and receive a credit for unreported membership drops. This practice has been a courtesy extended to clubs by Lions International despite rules governing the practice in Board Policy. The board of directors recently decided that enforcement of existing policy is necessary in order to be in compliance with Board Policy.

Semi-annual dues are billed based on our records on January 1 and July 1 of each year. This means that clubs must update their membership rosters by June 30 and December 31 respectively to ensure they receive an accurate billing statement that reflects their club’s membership. Members dropped after the release of the semi-annual dues billing will no longer be credited.

Here are a few best practices that can help you prepare for your July billing:

  • Update your club roster online using MyLCI or your regional reporting system.

  • Submit your updated membership roster to MyLCI or your local reporting system by June 30, 2018 CDT.

  • Inform current and incoming club leaders that membership dues credits will no longer be issued.

Please contact Accounts Receivable and Club Account Services at if you have any questions. And thank you for all of the kindness and tremendous service that you bring to your community.


Tony Benbow
International Director
Chairperson Finance & Headquarters Operation Committee
Lions Clubs International

Lions International

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